Why we need to continue to practice CDC rules even during the protests

A tragic time is passing through America: millions upon millions of people have been infected by the Coronavirus, and 100,000+ people have passed away. Families are mourning, and hospitals are filling up with little space for patients with other problems like heart attacks and strokes. You may be asking “there is no way this can get any worse, right?” Unfortunately, that has already been proven wrong in the last couple of days.

Millions of people are flooding the streets to protest against something they believe is wrong. They are protesting for justice. They are protesting for equality. They are protesting because they feel it is the right thing to do. In a normal year, unlike 2020, when there is a ravaged virus trying to kill us, this would have been completely fine. However, many people are breaking protocols put in by the government while they are protesting, and that could lead to more people being infected by the virus.

For a protest to be successful, you have to be able to huddle and block roads, block major highways, and yell to say your point. However, all these things are not advised due to many reasons. If we huddle, we break the 6ft social distancing rule. If we say what we want, we have to take off our mask. If this continues, the virus could possibly spread so fast that it becomes impossible to contaminate it.

What does this mean? You should definitely protest if you believe in what you are standing for. However, remind your self that by protesting, for one thing, you do not cause others to suffer, which in this case could probably cause them to pass due to this virus. Always remember to take care of yourself! If you or anyone you know needs Rhemutology care, contact us today at 832.532.9779! Rheumatology care is willing to serve you and your loved ones, no matter what times we may be going through. We also have televisits available for those that can not leave their homes!

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