Why televisits are advised during the Coronavirus Pandemic

For the past few months, all we have heard about is one thing: COVID-19. Almost every news channel, media source, and other information platforms have been showing Coronavirus information. Even though it has been such a long time since the virus has come, people continue to talk about it because cases continue to arise, along with deaths in the U.S.A. Even though it may seem as if it is safe to start living like it was before, there is still a high chance that the virus is everywhere, and doing any activities which are deemed threatening could cause you to potentially contract the Corona Virus.

What does this all mean? For the time being, we have to adapt to this new environment that this virus has caused us to jump in. One way we can help ourselves while also staying safe is by getting ourselves checked up through televisits rather than visiting the doctor in person, for minor things. What exactly are televists? Televistis are basically the “facetime” of the medical field. For example, if you’re having joint pain and want to see a rheumatologist, like those at Rhemuotology Care Of North Houston, you would simply have to login through your computer and or phone and talk to your doctor via facetime. This is extremely comforting as you do not have to leave your house and pose getting affected by the virus. Of course, if you have something significant that needs to be seen in person, you should immediately schedule an appointment with your rheumatologist to fix your problem. Our doctors, at Rhemutology Care Of North Houston, will ensure that you are taken care of during your televist. If need be, we may have to call you into our clinic for further examination.

Call us today at 832-532-9779 or make an appointment via our website at  https://www.rheumatologycarehouston.com/. We are here to serve our community, even during a time of Pandemic. Rheumatology Care Of North Houston will fight this virus, no matter how long it decides to stay!



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