Why COVID-19 can be coined “the roller coaster of dread”

Imagine this: you come home from a long, hard day of work. Reaching your driveway, you see a paramedic taking someone from your home into the ambulance. You rush over to the ambulance to see who they are taking in, and unfortunately, it is your mother. You ask whether it is a heart attack or a stroke, but the paramedic says that she has gotten the Coronavirus.

This is the sad but true story that many Americans have had to face in the months that have passed. While it is a small virus to some, it is a dreadful experience to others who know someone or who have themselves become a victim of the virus. There are many negatives that have come from the Coronavirus, and it isn’t just having to leave your home and going to a hospital.

Here is one of the top reasons why most people think of the virus as “the roller coaster of dread.”:

  1. You can suffer from hard breathing, continuous coughing, and high fever while being quarantined from your loved ones.
  • Corona has terrible symptoms, and the worst part about it is that there is no cure for it. If you do unfortunately attain the virus, you will suffer these symptoms as there isn’t even a treatment for the virus. Hopefully, in the near future scientists will find a cure; however, for now, anyone who gets the virus has suffered through these things, and trust us, it is not a ride to enjoy! Already having to suffer, you will be separated from your loved ones for 14 days! I know many of us would not want to be away from our kids or parents for even a single day! The worst part; if, unfortunately, your loved one passes away, many hospitals are not allowing family members to come to even see the body. Unfortunately, you may not even get to say a final bye to your mother or father.

When visiting your local rheumatologist, such as at Rhemutotlgy care, ensure that you follow government regulations and CDC rules so that the above scenario can not occur with you or your loved ones. Stay safe!


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