What Causes Sharp Knee Pain When Squatting Down?

Do you experience knee pain when squatting? Squatting is a position that you often perform throughout the day. You may need to squat down while picking something up or lifting a box. Or you may squat while playing sports or in your workouts.
Whatever the case may be, you can experience sharp pain in your knee when you squat down. But this doesn’t mean it is okay to feel pain in the knee. Rather, it can be a sign of an underlying condition, or you may not be doing the exercise in proper form. Read along to find out possible causes of knee pain when bending or squatting down.

Causes of Knee Pain When Squatting

Here are some possible reasons why you might experience sharp pain in the knee from squatting.

Squatting incorrectly

If you aren’t squatting properly, you may experience knee pain. Incorrect movement can put pressure on your knees instead of building thigh muscles and glutes. But if you are squatting correctly and still experiencing this pain, read the next causes.

Twisting the knee

Spraining the knee while squatting can cause pain and swelling. You should apply heat to the affected area and rest for a few days.
Patellofemoral pain syndrome
Patellofemoral pain syndrome is pain at the front of your knee and around your kneecap. This condition is sometimes called runner’s knee, which is more common in athletes. However, anyone can develop this condition as it is often caused by overuse or an injury to the knee.


Tendonitis is an inflammation or irritation of a tendon, connecting the muscles to the bones. Knee tendonitis can occur if you strain or overuse the tendons around your knee. This condition is more likely to develop due to repetitive movements resulting in tiring the tendon.

Arthritis of the knee

Arthritis is a disease that affects your joints. It usually involves degeneration or inflammation of joints, causing pain when moving the joint. The knee is the common area of your body affected by arthritis. People with knee arthritis may experience swelling and pain around the knee.
Rheumatoid arthritis is another reason behind knee pain when squatting. It is an autoimmune condition that affects joints, causing pain, swelling, and stiffness.
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Other possible causes of pain behind knee include:

  • Osteoarthritis, which can cause knee pain, swelling, and weakness as you move your knee.
  • Iliotibial band syndrome, which can cause pain in your hip, upper thigh, and knee.
  • Bacterial joint inflammation, which may lead to redness, swelling, and inflammation around the joint, as well as loss of appetite and fatigue.

Remedies for Knee Pain When Squatting

If you experience knee pain due to an injury or an underlying condition, make an appointment with your doctor to rule out serious situations. But if it is due to some general pain when you squat, you can perform the following home remedies:

  • Apply heat as it improves blood and oxygen flow to the area.
  • Perform the R.I.C.E. method, which means rest, ice, compress, and elevation of the knee.
  • Take an over-the-counter pain reliever to manage pain.
  • Massage with a licensed massage therapist to help ease tension in muscles near the knee.

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