What Causes Bursitis in Heel?

Sometimes a very sharp pain occurs in the foot area that no person can bear. There can be inflammation too. One of the possible reasons for it could be bursitis in the heel. It occurs when the small sacs of the joints (bursa) filled with liquid at the back of the heels become painful and swollen. These sacs help to cushion the joints of the body so they can function smoothly. These also help to reduce friction so the ligaments may not rub with bones.


This condition mostly occurs in women in their youth, but even men can become prey to it. When a person uses heels excessively for walking or running, they start to become painful. Furthermore, the back of the shoe can be stiff, and if the little soft tissue of the heel rubs over it continuously, it can damage the tissue. The damage leads to the development of bursitis in the heel. Later, the bone behind the heel can enlarge, causing more pain to the person.

Some of the symptoms of bursitis of the heel are swelling and pain in the heels, stiffness in calf muscles while running, warm heel skin, uncomfortable feeling while wearing shoes.


As it is said, prevention is better than cure. Therefore, after identifying symptoms of bursitis, a person should become careful. While exercising, it is advisable to use soft mats so that the heels do not get hurt. Additionally, choose a shoe that is of a good fit and does not hurt the soft sacs.


If a person becomes affected by bursitis, it is best to consult a doctor at Rheumatology Care of North Houston. The doctor would either give medicines or ask the patient to do some exercises. Usually, the treatment takes about six weeks to complete. In some cases, the pain is unbearable; the doctor may also suggest the patient some hydrocortisone injections to temporarily reduce the inflammation. This will help ease the pain. If you still need more information, call us on 832.532.9779.

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