What Are The Causes And Treatment Of Myopathies?

Myopathies refers to a group of diseases targeting your skeletal muscles. These diseases attack the muscle fibers and weaken your muscles. Myopathies are genetic or acquired disorders that frequently make it difficult to carry out daily activities. Learn more about the causes and treatment of myopathies in detail in this blog.

Types of Myopathies and Their Causes

There are two types of myopathies:

  • Inherited myopathies
  • Acquired myopathies

Both the types of myopathies are further classified as:

Inherited Myopathies

Inherited myopathies are muscle diseases that you were born with, usually from inheriting an abnormal gene mutation from a parent. Here are the types of inherited myopathies:

  • Congenital myopathies: symptoms of this type of myopathies start at birth or early childhood. Congenital myopathies differs from other inherited myopathies because the weakness affects all the muscles and not only the proximal muscle.
  • Metabolic myopathies: These myopathies are often caused by exercise or muscular strain. The root cause of metabolic myopathies is defects in the genes that produce certain enzymes.
  • Mitochondrial myopathies: These myopathies are caused by the defect in mitochondria, which are the parts of cells that produce energy. Mitochondrial myopathies usually affect other organ systems, such as the heart, brain, and gastrointestinal tract. It can occur with or without a family history.
  • Muscular dystrophies: these are progressive weakness in skeletal muscle. Muscular dystrophies are caused by degeneration of the muscular tissue.

Acquired Myopathies

Below are the types of acquired myopathies:

  • Toxic myopathies: this type of myopathy occurs when toxins or medications interfere with muscle function and structure.
  • Infectious myopathies: this occurs as a result of infections, such as bacterial, fungal, or viral infections, that majorly affect the functions of your muscles.
  • Critical illness myopathy: It is a disease of your limbs and your muscles that help you breathe. It can be caused by an extensive care unit or by lying in bed for a long period of time. Medications like muscle relaxants or sedatives can also cause critical illness myopathy.
  • Endocrine myopathies: it occurs when there are issues with the endocrine system, which controls hormone production. Thyroid or adrenal diseases can be a cause of endocrine myopathies.

Treatment for Myopathies

The kind of myopathy you have will determine the course of therapy your doctor would recommend. The majority of hereditary myopathies are incurable, but symptom management techniques like physical therapy are used in treatment. You can use medications to treat some hereditary myopathies, such as Pompe disease, a kind of metabolic myopathy, and Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

Typically, treating acquired myopathies entails addressing the underlying source of the disease. For instance, regulating your hormone levels would be the first step in treating endocrine myopathy. The degree of your myopathy will determine if you still require physical treatment.

Bottom Line!

The causes and treatment of myopathies depend on the kind of myopathy disease you have. It’s important to talk to your doctor about your condition and follow his instructions closely. For more information about the disease and its treatment, contact Rheumatology Care of North Houston at (832) 532-9779.

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