The Connection Between Lupus And The Brain

Lupus is an illness that occurs when a body’s immune system damages very own tissues and organs. Irritation through lupus can affect various organs such as joints, skin, kidneys, platelets, heart, lungs, and mind. But the question is, do lupus and the brain have any connection? People may also wonder how does lupus affect the brain?

Analysis of Lupus

The analysis of lupus is hard as its signs are similar to those of different diseases. The most common signs of lupus is a facial rash that looks like the wings of a butterfly. This happens in numerous but not all instances of lupus. Among the common symptoms of lupus are dizziness, vision problem, headaches, strokes, and even memory loss. These are some of the signs that show that lupus and the brain have a relationship with each other. Furthermore, lupus can affect any of the parts of the nervous system.

Symptoms of lupus 

The doctors use several ways to check if lupus has affected the nervous system and X-Rays, Brain Scans, and Spinal tap are some of them.

If lupus affects the central nervous system, a person may experience headaches, depression, strokes, fatigue, etc. If the peripheral nervous system is affected, a person may have facial pain or ringing in the ears. A patient who has lupus, which has affected the autonomic nervous system he/she might experience numbness, tingling, mental confusion, etc.

Lupus Treatment 

Based on the symptoms, a few medicines are available to treat lupus-related diseases. While there may be no cure for lupus, treatments can assist in reducing the signs.

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