What are the struggles faced by health care workers during this crisis?

Many of us have been forced to stay at home and quarantine. For some, it is a dream come true; we have no work, no chores, and no mingling with people. For others, it feels like torture not being able to leave the house. However, no matter what we think about quarantine, the most struggling people during this time are our real heroes: health care workers. While we are in the consolation of our homes with our loved ones, many health care workers have not got to see their families in weeks. Even though they are at the highest risk of contracting the Coronavirus, they continue to wake up every day to help fight the spread of the Coronavirus.

Here are some of the hardest things medical professionals have had to face during this pandemic:

  1. They have not gotten to see their families in fear of spreading the virus.

-During these treacherous times, hospitals are packed more than ever. Nurses and doctors can interact with over 50-100 patients, increasing the chance of getting the virus. This causes doctors and nurses not to want to go back to their loved ones, as there is a very high chance they can be carriers of the virus due to interacting with so many infected people. With that, Coronavirus patients need medical attention, as they are kept on a ventilator to help with breathing. Due to a shortage of medical professionals compared to the number of infected patients, nurses and doctors stay back as their patients need them to be around.


2. Many have had to see their co-workers pass away.

-Despite being our heroes, many have unfortunately been infected by the virus and have passed away. This affects their family members and health care workers that worked side by side with them. Many of our fellow heroes have become depressed as they have lost their best friends and mentors. Having to deal with patients passing away and close co-workers cause many health care workers to feel like life is terrible, when they are the reason so many people have been able to recover and go back to their loved ones.

What does this all mean? It would be best if you only went to places you sincerely need to go. If we stay home and social distance, we can decrease the chance of becoming a burden to our fellow health care workers, who do not need more patients during this time.

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