Straight Leg Raising Exercises for Knee Arthritis 

 Arthritis affects a vast number of people, and as compared to men, it affects women more. When women reach the age of 30 and above, most of them start feeling knee pain. A quick thought that comes to everyone’s mind is to reach a doctor as quickly as possible before the pain starts hampering the daily routine. But many will be surprised to know that simple straight leg raising exercises can be extremely beneficial.

Reasons for knee straightening exercises

A regular exercise not only reduces pain but also reduces stiffness and swelling from the knee. The following are some of the reasons because of which a person with knee arthritis should exercise regularly:

When a person exercises it helps to keep the knee joint in motion

Straight leg raising exercises give strength to the muscles and the joint

The exercises help the patient to absorb any shock on the joints.

Easy exercises at home

People generally assume that the exercises have to be hard to be effective. But in reality, the joint exercises are never hard. Rather a simple leg movement exercises can do wonders for you. The best exercises are the ones that a person can smoothly perform at home or even at work during a break.

Here are a few exercises that you can try:

  1. Leg raising exercise

A person should lie flat on his/her back with arms at the sides and toes up. Next, the person should keep his/her leg straight and slowly try to lift it several inches. The position is to be held for 5 seconds before putting the leg down and then repeating the same with the other leg

  1. Hamstring stretch 

This is another simple exercise that can be done while lying down on the floor with both legs bent. The person should put one leg down and bring the other knee toward the chest. For support, the person should link the hands behind the thigh, and straighten the leg upward till he/she feels the stretch. The person should hold the position 30 to 60 seconds before lowering the leg and switching it with the other one.

These exercises may seem simple but are useful for reducing knee pain. If the pain still persists, contact a specialist at Rheumatology Care of North Houston and get the best treatment for yourself. The team can share a range of motion exercises for the knee so you may start feeling better soon. There are also various knee exercises for seniors that can give them an active life again. If you desire more information you can call us on 832.532.9779.

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