Sleeping with Back Pain

If you are suffering from chronic back pain, there are chances to affect every aspect of your life. Sleep issues are very common, as most people feel discomfort and have a poor quality of sleep.

Studies show that about sixty percent of people worldwide have reported having a regular disturbance while asleep. Lack of sleep comes with its own set of problems. A young working professional between the ages of 26 to 64; should get at least 7 and 9 hours of night sleep nightly. This will ensure they can operate at optimum performance. But if there is a lack of sleep, it can drastically affect their moods, decrease their work performance, slow down the immune response, and result in weight gain. It is seen that those who suffer from chronic lower back pain tend to take more sick leave than those without the illness.

Here are some of the sleep obstacles you may be facing:

  • Enough amount of sleep and its duration
  • You are not able to function properly during day times
  • It takes you longer to fall asleep
  • he quality of your sleep it decreasing and are not able to fall into stage 3 and 4 of sleep

Here Is What You Can Do.

  • Check your mattress: You may not have realized, but the surface you lay on all night can have an immense effect on your sleep. If you are complaining of chronic lower back pain, you should use a medium-firm mattress instead of a firm mattress. As those who have used it have reported having lesser pain during the daytime, they decreased pain while lying on bed and rising.
  • Sleeping position: When deciding on your sleep position, you should keep in mind how important it is to support the spine’s natural curvature. You should avoid sleeping in bent positions. Instead, make an effort to stretch your body. If you place a pillow between the knees, it can help you with your chronic back pain. Also, make sure to choose a pillow that can hold your head midway between the shoulders. This will ensure the neck is neither drooping nor angled sharply upwards.

Remember that your back pain is not a condition in itself; but instead, it is a symptom of a bigger problem that you do not know yet. If you are suffering from chronic lower back pain and want to come in for a check-up at Rheumatology Care of North Houston, you can call us now at 832.532.9779 to book your appointment.

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