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Information for Patients. Houston Top Rheumatologist. Rheumatologist Houston where our expert staff is dedicated to providing the very best in care for a vast array of musculoskeletal diseases and Rheumatologist Houston autoimmune conditions, commonly and collectively known as rheumatic diseases. Dr. Abbas is committed to providing compassionate, Rheumatologist Houston cutting-edge care to patients suffering from conditions that are often chronic and damaging to quality of life Rheumatologist Houston. Houston Top Rheumatologist.

Information for Patients. At Rheumatology Care of North Houston, we diagnose and treat a wide variety of rheumatic conditions, many of which cause debilitating pain and disruptive symptoms. These symptoms often impede daily life considerably and have a tremendous quality-of-life impact on patients. Because they often mimic other conditions, rheumatic diseases also prove challenging to diagnose. This struggle to reach an accurate diagnosis further delays effective and appropriate treatment. Rheumatologists are trained to isolate and identify symptoms that often seem unrelated, arriving at diagnoses which allow for successful long-term treatment of challenging, chronic health conditions.

Information for Patients. A personalized treatment plan is vital for patients suffering from immunologic or rheumatic conditions, which are known for being difficult to diagnose and treat. At Rheumatology Care of North Houston, we offer leading edge treatments for a wide range of conditions, but we focus on arriving at the right diagnosis first through diligent assessment. We work carefully with our patients to discuss the risks and benefits of emerging and established treatments alike to create a personalized plan centered around long-term health management goals. While there is no cure for many rheumatic conditions, there are treatments that considerably mitigate their effects for a large number of patients. During the first appointment, your rheumatologist will explain which treatments, if any, have been proven effective to combat progression. A combination of oral and intravenous medications, injections and physical therapy may be part of your larger treatment plan, depending on your unique condition, stage of progression and other factors.

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