Pain Under Left Breast – 10 Reasons Why That Might Be

Suffering from pain under breast, be it left or right is one of the worst things that can happen to you. Sharp pain under the left breast area may be due to numerous reasons. The pain is quite common amongst people and some issues might not even be that grave.

Having said that, you must ponder on the reason for stabbing pain in your chest, is it your boob or rib cage? What does it indicate? Let’s find out.

Top 10 Reasons for Pain under Left Breast


It is the condition which signifies its presence with the inflammation of cartilages articulating the ribs to breastbone. That is why you may feel sharp pain under your left breast that comes and goes at intervals.

One of the few root causes of cartilage inflammation is arthritis. While others include chest injury leading to pain under the boob, heavy lifting or even an infection.


Pericardium is the thin, almost film-like layer surrounding the heart. It is a double layer, fluid rich membrane that encapsulates to protect the heart. There are instances when pericardium membrane may inflame. In such case their rubbing leads to stabbing pain on left side under breast.


Many times, oxygen does not reach in adequate amount to the heart muscles resulting in chest tightness and pain under left breast. Angina is basically a symptom rather than a disease itself.

Heart Attack

The anatomical position of the heart is on the left side of your chest. That is the main reason why at the time of a heart attack or myocardial infarction sharp pain radiates in the left breast area.

Chest Injuries

Any blow to the chest can cause tissue damage resulting in immense pain in the chest or ribcage under it. Ribs are supposed to protect soft organs inside it such as the liver. A broken rib can easily harm the soft tissues of the liver causing pain.


Your chest houses more than one organ, one of the inhabitants are your lungs. These lungs are in the protection of pleural membrane. Pleurisy is a condition when the thin membranes, i.e., pleura undergoes inflammation. Most of the times, bacterial or viral infections cause this.

Precordial catch syndrome

Just like pleurisy, this condition worsens when you take a sharp breath causing pain under the breast, mostly the left one. The reason behind this is the pinching of nerve in the chest area. The chest pain may mimic a heart attack, but the condition is harmless.


Stomach lining inflammation due to H-pylori is quite common. Other than that, medicines and spicy food also disrupt the lining resulting in sharp pain under the breast, left or right.

Heart Burn

When the digestive acids reach the esophagus line, you suffer from discomfort and burning sensation in the chest.


As the name suggests, it is inflammation of the pancreas. In this condition the enzymes start functioning before their release.

Final Words

Pain under the left breast should not be taken lightly. Please contact your healthcare professional in such situation. However, if you suffer from arthritis, the pain could be due to inflammation of cartilage, you can contact us at Rheumatology Care North Houston for proper management.

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