I Feel Back Pain When Breathing Normally – What Could the Reason Be?

Breathing and back pain are two things that should not go simultaneously. There are a lot of different causes related such as injuries because of accidents or maybe internal organs pushing when breathing. The pain serves as a signal for underlying medical conditions that need to be addressed. Let’s have a closer look at the possible reasons for this issue and treatment methods.


It is a condition most prevalent amongst teenagers or even preteens. In scoliosis, the spine curves sideways, and sometimes the extent of the curve is so much that it puts extra pressure on the lungs making breathing difficult. Symptoms other than breathing difficulties include:

  • Back pain when breathing
  • Numbness of the hand and feet
  • Uneven hips, shoulders, or ribs
  • Issues in standing
  • Walking issues

Treatment Method

Before starting the treatment, there are many determining factors: the degree of curve, gender, age, etc. If you are a young individual and the degree of curvature is not that severe or life-altering, your doctor may advise getting physiotherapy. On the other hand, correction may require surgery if the issue is severe.

Heart Attack

Sometimes, upper back pain while breathing is a heart attack symptom; it is a life-threatening situation that needs immediate medical attention. Other symptoms that might help in distinguishing are:

  • Fullness in chest
  • Radiating pain in one or both arms
  • Jaw bone pain
  • Shortness of breath
  • Vomiting or nausea

Treatment Method

Usually, various techniques are involved in getting the blood circulation in order, such as using a catheter for opening a blocked artery.


Excess weight on the shoulders and back can cause breathing difficulties. Moreover, the extra weight makes daily tasks a lot difficult since the person cannot take full breaths in each cycle.

Treatment Method

Losing weight is the only way to deal with back pain while breathing because of this particular issue. If food does not seem like the trigger for obesity, do get hormonal levels, especially thyroid checked.

Lung Cancer

American Cancer Society says that Lung cancer does not show symptoms in its early stages; however breathing associated with pain in the back can be one of the markers. Here are some other symptoms to look out for:

  • Chronic coughing or spitting blood with cough
  • Voice changes
  • Swallowing difficulties
  • Weight loss
  • Loss of appetite


Once the cancer is diagnosed, your oncologist will start off with chemo or radiotherapy.

Strained Muscle

Injuries can cause strained muscles, and if the injured area is your back, you will suffer from sharp stinging pain while breathing. Other signs include muscle spasms, motion issues, bending troubles, etc.

Treatment Method

Usually, the issue is not serious and gets better with adequate rest. However, if the injury is severe, get in touch with a physiotherapist for pain management.


If you find yourself forcibly gasping for air while breathing with simultaneous back pain, get it checked as soon as possible, do not let the issue hang. Reach out to us at Rheumatology Care of North Houston. Our experts are here for your needs. Call now 832 532 9779 for more information or an appointment.

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