Dry eyes and dry mouth

We take our secretary glands for advantage as these do their job silently. However, these glands become noticeable when they stop working and producing moisture that protects your body. Many people in their mid-life crisis suffer from Sjögren’s Syndrome. It is a condition in which a person suffers from long-lasting dry eyes and dry mouth.

Causes of dry eyes and dry mouth

The glands that produce tears damage with age and therefore stop producing fluid. The absence of tears would make the eye irritant as tears help the eyes to stay clean. Tears are a natural coating on the eyes that make the eyes blink to clear it from any irritating substance. If the tears become dry, they would harm the eyes and may impair the vision.

Similarly, saliva prevents the mouth from going dry and therefore protects the body from many diseases. It makes chewing and swallowing possible and neutralizes the acids. A dry mouth on the hand may make a person uncomfortable and would also produce bad breath.

There may be multiple reasons for which the eyes and mouth of a person may become dry. Aging and excessive use of medicines are among those. However, Sjögren’s Syndrome is also one of the causes that make eyes and mouth excessively dry.

Helpful solutions for dry eyes and dry mouth

Keeping your eyes and mouth hydrated is necessary. The following can help in protecting the eyes and mouth from becoming dry:

  1. Drink plenty of water and other liquids
  2. Avoid rubbing your eyes frequently
  3. Ensure ample intake of omega-3 acids
  4. Chew gum to produce saliva
  5. Increase the use of fruits and vegetables
  6. Reduce drinks that dehydrate the skin
  7. Avoid excessive use of screens, such as TV, mobile and monitors

These are some of the helpful solutions to help your secretary glands from working perfectly well. However, getting a proper treatment may be advisable for many if the condition becomes worse. Rheumatology Care of North Houston helps the patients to become aware of the symptoms so that treatment can be given right away.

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