Don’t Ignore the Signs of Sjogren Syndrome

Sjogren syndrome might have a funny-sounding name, but the complications associated with the disease are anything but. It can lead to serious problems affecting major organs like the liver, kidneys, and others. Here’s some information on the causes and symptoms.

What is Sjogren Syndrome?

This is an immune system disorder that is often connected to issues such as lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. It usually affects the glands of the mouth and eyes first, leasing to problems such as dry eye and dry mouth. Sjogren syndrome can strike at any age, but people over the age of 40 are typically at a higher risk.


Sjogren syndrome, like other immune disorders, occurs when the immune system attacks healthy tissues and cells by mistake. While scientists aren’t sure why people develop this disease, genetics may increase the risk. It also appears that a bacterial or viral infection plays a role in causing the disease to develop.


Symptoms of this disorder include dry skin, fatigue, a dry cough, skin rashes, and swollen salivary glands. Many people with this problem also experience stiff, swollen and painful joints.

Talk to a Doctor

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