Causes of a Joint Injury

Our joints play a very important role in our movement. We often underestimate this blessing until our joints stop working. There can be several causes of joint pain, and one of those is an injury. An injury can compromise the function of our bones, and therefore it becomes necessary to show a doctor become it gets worse. 

The following types of injuries may occur:

  1. Strains are the result of overextending the muscles
  2. Sprains affect ligaments 
  3. Fractures break the bones or cause cracks in them
  4. Dislocation separates the bone from its position

What may cause a joint injury

Injuries to the joints occur when they are overused, or when they wear and tear repeatedly. Trauma can also be a reason. A simple fall or a hit can also result in an injury.

People do not realize that they have a joint injury until they start feeling a lot of pain. An unattended or untreated injury can cause a lot of problems. Therefore, it is important to know the symptoms of a joint injury so it can be treated on time.

Symptoms of a joint injury

An injury of joints show the following symptoms: 

  1. Swelling and pain
  2. Difficulty in moving the joints
  3. Bruising
  4. A cracking sound 
  5. Intense pain when moving the joint
  6. Bone poking out 
  7. Displacement of joint
  8. Total immobility

Possible Treatment

 For strains and sprains, a proper rest helps to reduce the pain and the problem. Along with resting, apply cold compress at the affected area to reduce swelling. Furthermore, wrapping an elastic band around the area can also reduce swelling. Another common method is to elevate the injured area above your head.

When to see a doctor

It is good to apply home remedies to tackle the situation; however, it is advisable to see a doctor as soon as you feel capable of visiting a doctor. There can be times when a broken bone stops paining, but the fracture does not join on its own. Visit Rheumatology Care of North Houston or call us on 832.532.9779 for best advice and treatment.

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