Can’t Walk Properly? 10 Possible Reasons for Throbbing Pain in Big Toe

Has walking or running become a task for you? That sharp pain in big toe can really ruin your daily activities.
Most of the balancing responsibility is on the big toe; there will be some serious troubles if it is in pain. Every time we get up to walk to run, immense pressure is applied on the it, more so than the other four; that is why it needs to be up and running in perfect condition.
Want to know why it is throbbing with pain? We are here with answers.

Top 10 Causes of Sharp Pain in Big Toe

The pain in big toe may arise suddenly due to an accident or could be gradual. Let’s take a look at the reasons for this issue.

1.Turf toe

A sprain presents itself by pain in the soft tissue beneath the big toe. Usually, when it gets stretched due to a sudden impact, those tissues and ligaments underneath tear away, resulting in a sprain.
Turf toe is the most common type of injury that sports players suffer from. However, it is not only restricted to sports. People who have strenuous routines due to gym, dancing, or other fast-paced, physical activity are most likely to have this condition.

2. Foot gout

Whenever you feel a sharp pain in big toe, anytime at random, indicates that you might have gout. When gout hits the foot, it mostly affects the big toe.
Gout is a condition in which the body does not metabolize uric acid effectively. Due to its increased level in the bloodstream, crystallization occurs, and they start depositing themselves on the joints.

3. Broken bone/fracture

Almost everyone goes through a smashed toe phase. Right after the incident it appears in the form of pain and swelling, which usually goes away itself. But, if it does not, then get it examined.

4. Sesamoiditis

Underneath the big toe, there are two bones named sesamoids present. They do not articulate with any bone through joints; rather, they are surrounded by tendons. Inflammation of these two tiny bones is sesamoiditis. If the shooting pain originates from this area, it is because of the condition mentioned above.

5. Bunions

A foot bunion is one of the most common reasons why the big toe suffers from pain. It is a huge bump that protrudes on the outer side of the big toe.
The big toe deviates towards the second; its knuckle pushes out, forming a bunion. It is often swollen, red and painful. It could be because of external pressure or genetics.

6. Blisters

Foot blisters may develop because of constant friction. Avoid wearing tight shoes and keep your skin moisturized.

7. Ingrown toenail

When the nail growth is improper, curved edges push deep into the skin of big toe. An increase in size creates more pressure and causes intense pain.

8. Osteoarthritis/ Hallux rigidus

Also referred to as wear and tear arthritis. The joints are cushioned with a fluid to absorb shock; it gradually wears off with age. Friction between the joints results in inflammation and sharp pain in big toe.

9. Claw toe

Categorized as the deformity of joints, it gradually develops from wearing ill-fitted shoes that constantly put pressure on the toes. This does not happen overnight; it takes a few years to develop.

10. Tennis toe

Tennis Toe is a condition that is usually caused by recurrent pressure and friction on the nail when the toe is repeatedly jammed against the front edge of a shoe.
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