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Just because you might have an older family member who has osteoarthritis, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to resign yourself to the same fate. There are a lot of things you can do to either delay the onset of the disease or prevent it entirely. Receiving a diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis can be devastating. You may feel that you will be doomed to a life of constant misery. But while pain is, unfortunately, a part of having RA, there are many ways you can manage your discomfort while living a full, active life.

The professionals with Rheumatology Care of North Houston are ready to put their experience to work in helping you deal with RA. We will be committed to helping you find relief of your symptoms, and will devise a treatment plan to meet your exact needs. This is the most important recommendation we can give you. It will be important that you take all of your medications as directed. Whether you are taking prescription medicines, over-the-counter drugs or a mixture of both, you will need to commit to taking them as often as your doctor says. We work to make life easier for our patients. Managing the pain and disruptive symptoms of these conditions is difficult enough, so our aim is to provide a one-stop care environment to reduce visits to hospitals and other facilities for treatment procedures. Insurance plans that do not cover infusion therapy in a hospital setting may cover them in a doctor’s office, so this can make treatment far less expensive for patients in long-term care. An internist who pursues further training in the diagnosis and treatment of what are commonly and collectively referred to as rheumatic diseases, a rheumatologist provides care for patients suffering from a wide range of conditions.


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Arthritis Wars: Unveiling the Real Deal between Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis

May 30, 2023 5415 Views

Arthritis is a common joint condition, one which occurs when your joints suddenly become inflamed. Given its widespread reach, there are numerous forms of arthritis. While some affect certain joints, others encompass different areas and can negatively affect your organs. The most common types of arthritis, however, are rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and osteoarthritis (OA). Despite … Continue reading “Arthritis Wars: Unveiling the Real Deal between Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis”

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What Does A Swelling On The Side Of The Knee Mean? | 5 Reasons Why It Happens

May 15, 2023 11991 Views

As you grow older, knee pain becomes all the more frequent. Whether it’s from applying too much pressure on your legs or simply a test of time, there’s no escape. An aching knee can cause several problems besides unbearable pain. It can even disrupt your day-to-day life and give way to swelling on the side … Continue reading “What Does A Swelling On The Side Of The Knee Mean? | 5 Reasons Why It Happens”

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The Telltale Signs of a Broken Toe: How To Tell If Its Broken

April 30, 2023 16589 Views

Nothing truly compares to the sheer agony of stubbing your toe. The experience itself is universal, and the phenomenon far from uncommon. Most people cry out in pain after hitting their toe against a solid piece of furniture, while others curse in every language possible. However, the one thing almost everyone thinks of is whether … Continue reading “The Telltale Signs of a Broken Toe: How To Tell If Its Broken”

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From Elbow to Hand: 7 Common Causes of Left Arm Tingling

April 15, 2023 20175 Views

Imagine this: you extend your arm, trying to reach for an ice-cold drink of water, only to stop in your tracks. You’re suddenly overtaken by a weird tingling in your left arm, traveling from the elbow to your hand. — What is this feeling? Is it a sign of a heart attack? Should you be … Continue reading “From Elbow to Hand: 7 Common Causes of Left Arm Tingling”

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Watch Out For These 9 Signs Of Arthritis In Your Feet!

March 30, 2023 8556 Views

When people think of arthritis, they usually imagine old people hunched over a cane, suffering from joint pain. But not all cases of arthritis are reserved for the elderly. In fact, people in their teens, 20s, and even 30s have reported suffering from arthritis.  Moreover, given the nature of this condition, it can occur in … Continue reading “Watch Out For These 9 Signs Of Arthritis In Your Feet!”

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7 Reasons Why Your Calves Feel So Tight

March 15, 2023 20221 Views

Whether you recently ran a marathon or changed your workout routine, sore muscles are almost always the end result. But that’s not all! Sometimes over-exerting your body can lead to tightness and stiffness, especially in the calf muscles. However, as common as this phenomenon is, people often wonder why their calves suddenly feel so tight. … Continue reading “7 Reasons Why Your Calves Feel So Tight”

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“My Shoulder Pops When Rotating” | 5 Reasons Why It Happens

February 28, 2023 19230 Views

Pop! Snap! Krrak! Have you ever heard your shoulder make such a noise when rotating it? If so, don’t worry! A shoulder that pops when rotated is not as uncommon as you think. In fact, shoulder injuries are one of the most common joint and muscle problems a doctor has to deal with. Often, the … Continue reading ““My Shoulder Pops When Rotating” | 5 Reasons Why It Happens”

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4 Major Reasons Why Your Back Cracks So Much

February 15, 2023 85478 Views

Have you ever twisted your back only to hear a resounding crack echo from your bones? Perhaps you just woke up or stretched your arms a little? No matter the reason, a crack emanating from your back can be quite alarming. It can put you on edge and make you wonder why your back cracks … Continue reading “4 Major Reasons Why Your Back Cracks So Much”

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5 Reasons Why Your Wrist Hurts When You Bend It

January 30, 2023 37834 Views

You probably use your hands all the time without realizing just how much you depend on them. Whether it’s to eat, work, or meet someone new, your hands are always there for you. But the only time you really pay attention to them is when there’s something wrong. For instance, your wrist hurts when you … Continue reading “5 Reasons Why Your Wrist Hurts When You Bend It”

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What Causes Numbness In Fingers and How Can You Relieve It?

January 15, 2023 10714 Views

Have you ever had to deal with a hand that fell asleep? Usually, numbness and static in your hand are enough to alert you of the misplaced feeling. And although it might feel odd at first, with little movement, the numbness tends to go away. But what if it doesn’t? What if the effects make … Continue reading “What Causes Numbness In Fingers and How Can You Relieve It?”

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