5 Reasons Why Your Wrist Hurts When You Bend It

You probably use your hands all the time without realizing just how much you depend on them. Whether it’s to eat, work, or meet someone new, your hands are always there for you. But the only time you really pay attention to them is when there’s something wrong. For instance, your wrist hurts when you bend it or apply pressure. After all, that’s the most common issue adults face.

But why does it happen? Why does your wrist hurt specifically when you bend it? Is there a way you can put an end to the discomfort? — To find the answers to all your raging questions, continue reading this blog.

Why Does My Wrist Hurt When I Bend It?

Besides causing a sharp sting of pain to shoot up your arm, wrist pain can give way to a lot of setbacks. Be it for ordinary office workers or professional athletes, your wrist is a major part of your day-to-day life.

So, what exactly is it that causes it to hurt when you bend it? Technically, depending on the type of pain, the reason can vary. Nonetheless, mentioned below are five of the most common reasons why adults suffer from frequent wrist pain.

  1. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
    If you’re a writer, artist, sculptor, cook, or anyone who relies on the movement of their wrist to work, then you’re most likely to suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome.It’s a condition that arises from overusing your wrist in specific motions over and over again. This can cause your tissues to get scarred and inflamed, leading to prickling pain.
  2. Osteoarthritis
    Being one of the most common joint conditions, osteoarthritis can lead to severe wrist pain. However, it’s important to remember that this condition mainly depends on one’s age. That is to say; usually, older people develop it.
    It occurs when the cartilage in your joints naturally wears out, causing the small joints to rub against each other and lead to pain.
  3. Wrist Sprain
    When the ligaments in your wrist are stretched out beyond measure, it results in a ligament injury. This injury is what causes intense pain, spraining your wrist and destabilizing your hand movements.
  4. Wrist Tendonitis
    Your hand is made up of multiple tendons and nerves. They connect your finger muscles to the ones in your forearm. Moreover, it’s the tendons in your fingers that give you the ability to move them and grip things.
    In the instance one of these tendons gets inflamed, it can give way to wrist tendonitis, which is the prime reason behind the pain.
  5. Wrist Fracture
    Usually, people with weak bones are the ones who end up getting a wrist fracture. Triggered by a fall or heavy impact, a wrist fracture can make your hand swell up. Not to mention, the pain can seem unbearable when you bend it or apply pressure, with discoloration sprouting on the skin of your wrist.

Prevention Tips

You might not realize it, but you use your wrist a lot in your daily life. Even if your job doesn’t require it, there are plenty of tasks you need to complete that can only be carried out thanks to your hands. Thus, to maintain your dexterity and fluid hand movements, keep an eye out for the following tips, so you don’t have to suffer from any kind of wrist pain.

  • Adopt ergonomic appliances into your day-to-day life.
  • Take precautions to minimize your fall.
  • Wear protective gear when participating in athletic activities.
  • Take calcium supplements to build up the calcium levels in your body.
  • Visit a rheumatologist to take better care of your wrist and bones.
  • Frequently stretch your arms and legs.
  • Remember to take regular breaks in between your work.
  • When typing, make sure your wrist is parallel to the keyboard.

Long Story Short

Simply put, if you’ve ever asked yourself, ‘why does my wrist hurt when I bend it?’ chances are, you’re suffering from the above-mentioned causes. Nonetheless, in order to get a professional diagnosis, contact Rheumatology Care at (832) 532-9779. You can also visit our clinic at 13688 Breton Ridge St, STE H, Houston, TX 77070, near Houston Kidney Specialists Center, for more information.

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